TH20 Hybrid generator

Il generatore ibrido modello TH-20 unisce le caratteristiche del generatore tradizionale modello T-20 con l’utilizzo delle energie rinnovabili.

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Technical specifications

Powered by: 

• Solar thermal • Diesel/LPG/Methane 


• Hot air generator 

• Puffer for thermal energy storage 

• High performance flat solar thermal panels 

• Solar power plant 

• Water to air heat exchanger with active/passive function inside the generator 

• Recirculation pump 

• Energy management software 

• ACTIVE and PASSIVE function of the coolers 

The strength and the innovation of our solar kit is its dual active and passive function. The special shape of the radiators inside the generator, in fact, makes it possible to both release heat and store the energy.

It has been developed to meet energy saving needs. In fact, the hybrid generator can have an energy saving of 70% compared to the traditional generator. 

The quality of the treated product will certainly be higher since the constant temperatures emitted by the hybrid generator do not stress the product. 

The Hybrid-Solar Generator is used in the treatment of agri-food products at medium temperatures, between 20 and 80 degrees. 

Testimonies: During 2020, in the Cigar Tobacco sector, the new T20 Generator with Solar Kit has been tested in collaboration with the Cuban Investigative Institute of Tobacco. The result has been an energy savings of 70% and an improvement in the quality of tobacco.

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