Rotary machine for product humidification

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Technical specifications

The advantage of this system, if compared to the traditional one, is that it allows the leaf, thanks to its hygroscopicity, to acquire the level of humidity that is required for the following phase of handling, avoiding both breakages and stains. 

The system consists of a room with stainless steel structure and plexiglass infill; a mechanized system makes the product perform a rotational and revolving motion inside a room with a humidity percentage of 100%.

This is achieved with a water/air system and with atomizing nozzles.

Composed of: 

• A structure made in stainless steel AISI 430 

• Plexiglass walls 

• IP66 electrical panel with manual and automatic process adjustment 

• Full cone nozzles with a variable angle between 15° to 30° 

• H2O filter system 

• Air compressor 

• High pressure piping system 

Evidence: The RCM machine is used in Cuba for the treatment of cigar tobacco after the drying and fermentation process since 2005. This allows the staff to handle the tobacco leaf without any risk of breakage or stains due to water drops.

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