Nebulizer and RCC

Environmental conditioning system to maintain the rooms used for product selection with an adequate level of humidity through a dry misting system.

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Technical specifications

HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM FOR THE PRE-EXISTING ROOMS, through nebulization (transition from liquid to gaseous state = pre-existing rooms’ steam) 

Water/air distribution system with nozzles positioned in strategic points of the room with the aim of increasing the room humidity up to 98%, with no condensing into water droplets. 

The spraying process is carried out for all those products that must absorb H2O without being watered, with the risk of creating stains on the external surface of the product.

The system consists of: 

• Full cone nozzles with a variable angle between 15° to 30° 

• H2O filter system 

• Air compressor 

• High pressure piping system 


There are often work phases in which the product is in high humidity conditions due to its need to be handled by the employees. This implies that this environmental situation determines a perception of the temperature that is higher than the real one. 

To make the employees’ work comfortable without damaging the product, we have made the RCC machinery. Through an air distribution system, it allows to cool the environment with air taken from outside the room, thus resulting in better conditions for the workers involved in the various operations.

Owever, as it has to provide an adequate level of environmental humidity, the system also includes the introduction of atomized water which preserves the appropriate level of humidity required by the treated product, without harming the operators’ health. 


The system consists of: 

• A centrifugal fan 

• Circular flow ducting in perforated PMS fabric with laser technology for distributive and de-stratifying uniformity. 

• Full cone nozzles with a variable angle between 15° to 30° 

• H2O filter system 

• Hot air extractors 

Evidence: Both systems have been used in Cuba for the treatment of cigar tobacco since 2003. This allows staff to work in a pleasant climate and to handle the tobacco leaf without any risk of breakage or stains due to water drops.

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