Hot air generator

A hot air generator for drying tobacco and agri-food products is a machine designed to produce and supply hot air in a controlled and targeted way for the drying process of certain products. The use of hot air generators for drying allows for a rapid and controlled reduction of humidity in the products to be treated, guaranteeing the quality and stability of the materials.

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Technical specifications

The hot air generator is made in/composed of: 

• Stainless steel chassis AISI 430 

• Dual ventilation centrifugal fan 

• Air inlet window for dehumidification 

• Electric engine placed outside the generator to avoid contamination with the treated products 

• Bearings with lubrication and transmission external to the generator to avoid contamination with the treated products 

• Electrical panel IP66 with the possibility of automatic or manual control 

• Control unit RC018 wi-fi allowing to monitor and control the generator even remotely. The control unit detects the temperature and the relative humidity inside the drying room, thus allowing to change the two parameters just mentioned 

• Frequency changer (INVERTER) for energy saving and airflow control 

• Heater and fan safety devices 

• Thermal unit made of stainless steel AISI 430 with high efficiency geometric pattern with 4 smoke passes.

The generator can be powered by: 

• Diesel • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) • Methane • Hybrid 


• Ease of use 

• Dimensions adaptable to the customers’ needs 

• High efficiency 

• Low consumption 

• The quality of the materials used 

• Easy to assemble It is possible to have a canal system for air inlets and outlets. 

This ensures uniform microclimate conditions inside the treatment room. Ring-shaped delivery canalisation made of PMS fabric, perforated with laser technologies so as to ensure distributive and de-stratifying uniformity. Return ducting with rectangular/circular section in galvanized sheet.

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